User documentation for the PLEIADES cluster at the University of Wuppertal

Zabbix Monitoring

Our monitoring service can be accessed at with the credentials “pleiades” and “pleiades”. Zabbix collects and various information regarding current and past resource usage and quotas.


After login you are typically greeted by the user overview dashboard: Dashboard overview Dashboard overview2

If it is not selected, you can access it by clicking Monitoring > Dashboard > All dashboards > user overview.

The overview dashboard collects a couple of aggregated metrics and you can select the time frame of presented information on the top right. The visible graphs are:

Detailed Information

To get detailed information about a single node, e.g. to see if a node you are currently working on is using its resources, you can go to the Monitoring > Graphs tab.

First you need to select a group of hosts, e.g. Worker Nodes: Select monitoring group

Within this group, you can select a specific host, e.g. wn21001 or gpu21001: Select host in group

The Graph drop down menu provides a range of metrics to investigate, e.g. CPU or Memory utilization. A graph in the bottom represents the data for this particular host with the usual options to specify a time frame: Graphs for gpu21001