User documentation for the PLEIADES cluster at the University of Wuppertal

File Systems: Best Practices


Your files on BeeGFS are not backed up! Make sure to regularly store important results and data on another device. In case of a catastrophic failure or event, we won’t be able to restore the data.

BeeGFS and /tmp

Many and frequent accesses to files on /beegfs can produce significant load on the metadata servers. In consequence, the responsiveness of the shared filesystem goes bad for all users. There are a couple of things you should avoid when working on /beegfs, because of this:

We have a job script example that automatically cleans up the /tmp directory at the end of a job.

If left files in /tmp that you want to rescue or remove manually, the best approach is to book an interactive shell on the node via:

srun -p short -w wn21053 -n1 -t 60 --pty /bin/bash