Software: Available Software

We offer many software installations through modules. Alternatively, you can source an LCG release, as described on the module page. Finally, you can use Singularity to set up a specific software environment by running your job in a container.

List of Special Software

  • CUDA
    • module load 2021a CUDA/11.4.2
    • module load 2021a NVHPC/21.7
  • TotalView: Debugger and analyzer
    • module load 2021a TotalView/2021.3.9
  • ARMForge: Debugger and analyzer
    • module load 2021a ARMForge/21.1.1
  • NAG Library through modules NAG and NAGfor
    • module load 2021a intel-compilers/2021.2.0 NAG/27.3.0
    • module load 2021a NAGfor/7.1.01
    • module load 2022a intel-compilers/2021.4.0 NAG/29.0.0
    • module load 2022a NAGfor/7.1.14
    • When using NAG, you have to source ${EBROOTNAG}/nll6i29dbl/scripts/ with the correct arguments for your situation, e.g. “int64 vendor static”
  • Intel parallel studio XE 2020
    • Contains compilers, MPI, libraries and profiling tools like VTune Amplifier, Advisor, etc.
    • Parallel studio is superseded by oneAPI modules Example modules: intel-compilers, impi, imkl, VTune
    • If you want to set up the old version, go with source /beegfs/Tools/intel/
  • PGI
    • Collection of special purpose compilers for heterogeneous environments (CPUs & GPUs)
    • PGI is superseded by the NVHPC module, but both approaches should work.
  • COMSOL 6, limited to certain groups