Getting Started: Computations

Job Submission

Job submission is done through the Slurm batch system (also see

Jobs are usually submitted via a job script and the sbatch command, for example:

$ cd /beegfs/${USER}
$ cat
#SBATCH --job-name=testjob
#SBATCH --partition=short
#SBATCH --time=0-0:5:0    # days-hours:minutes:seconds
#SBATCH --nodes=4-8       # at least 4 nodes, up to 8
#SBATCH --ntasks=8        # 16 processes
#SBATCH --mem-per-cpu=128 # in MB, up to 4GB per core
srun hostname | sort

$ sbatch
Submitted batch job 106867

$ cat slurm-106867.out

It is also possible to start an interactive job with:

$ srun -p short -N1 -n1 --pty /bin/bash
srun: job 12040877 queued and waiting for resources
srun: job 12040877 has been allocated resources
$     # shell now on worker node.

For more information, please refer to the more detailed Slurm documentation.