User documentation for the PLEIADES cluster at the University of Wuppertal

Jupyter on PLEIADES

Jupyter is a powerful tool for data science and interactive computing. Whether analyzing data, running simulations, or building models, Jupyter’s interactive environment and powerful tools make it easy to get work done. PLEIADES’ Jupyter documentation is divided into two sub-pages: JupyterHub Login and Custom JupyterLab servers.
The JupyterHub Login page explains how to use the JupyterHub Login on PLEIADES to get automated JupyterLab servers batched through SLURM. This option is recommended for those who prefer a quick and easy way to start working with Jupyter on the cluster.
Alternatively, Custom JupyterLab servers describes how to batch JupyterLab servers by yourself, providing full control over the SBATCH settings. This option is recommended for those who have specific requirements or want to customize their JupyterLab environment.

More information is available: